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Audition for Anna Gordon

OOC Info: 

Nickname: Claire/Clairebear 

Age: 19

Timezone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)


Desired character: Anna Gordon

Password: Removed

Describe character: Anna Gordon, like what was previously stated, is a kind, bubbly girl that is full of laughs and light. She would rather have another person be happy than herself. Even though she may be a kind girl she is also a compulsive liar. She seems to lie for no reason at all, as if it is second nature. She truly means well but she can just not control herself. 

Para Sample: removed for privacy




Nickname - Orla (Or Mag…or Tasha on the Imvu page XD)

Age - 19

Timezone - I live in Ireland - Western European Time


Desired Character - Natasha Coulson

Password - Removed

Describe Character - Natasha wouldn’t be what you would call and average teenager…the fact that she’s an unbleeder has really nothing to do with that. She’s a sucker for comic books and would rather spend her Saturday night inside with one instead of out and about. She loves her music, particularly the hard rock kind but refuses to attend concerts of her favoirite bands for obvious resons. At 6ft and with an hourglass figure Tasha wasn’t considered overly attractive back home, naturally black haired, pale and green eyed its almost scary how well she fits in the the her whole ‘Goth’ Persona.

Para Sample - removed for privacy



Hey guys!

So, sad news! This rp goes Hiatus for a few weeks since I go on vacation. As soon as I’ll be back I’ll post 13 characters that are currently in my draft! I’ll also start to advertise this group much more.

Until then, be healthy and in a good mood! See you all soon, Olivia! <3

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How about a few auditions, lovely followers and people who like/reblog our characters?

We already have a few members who are going to welcome you with all the possible love on the planet! And let’s not forget the fact that I’ll love you down if you audition!

Nyx Ward  | 19 | Student | With a soul | {FC: Sasha Pieterse } | Taken


Narcissistic with a hint of sweetness, is the only way to describe Nyx’s personality. And if you can bare to stick around long enough, you’ll discover that she often says the first thing that pops into her head, not to mention her random acts of kindness, but don’t get to accustomed to it, her self always comes first, unless you’re as fascinating to her as a history book. 

Back Story: 

Nyx was named after a goddess of the night in Greek mythology. Her mother, Syanne Ward, is a historian, she selected the name because of how Nyx came into the world; it happened in the dead of the night. As she grew that love for night life continued, her mother knew she had chosen the right name for her daughter, but when teenage years rolled around Nyx found herself sneaking out and then grounded more times than she could count. Modern medicine could not explain Nyx’s love for the night, because there was simply nothing to explain, it was just one of her quirks. Her father was non-existent in her life. Her mother never went into detail about him and she could care less about finding out who he was. Besides the teenage drama, she had an okay life with her mother, even inheriting her passion for history. 
During her brief obsession with studying the 15th century, Nyx was drawn to the common warhorse breed - the Andalusian. Pretty soon her mother arranged for her to have riding lessons. Eventually, it turned into a disaster, little miss over confident Nyx tried to take the horse across a stream, unbeknownst to her this particular horse had water issues. She ended up being tossed off, and trampled on. Near fatal injuries…somehow she lived because as she now knows she’s a unbleeber. She was given a second chance by Hecate. Could this be the reason behind her layer of sweetness and kind deeds? Habbilton Castle will soon find out. 

Derek Doherty  | 18 | Student | Soulless | {FC: Tyler Hoechlin} | RESERVED


Derek is the bad kind of guy . He disobeys everyone that tells him what to do . Ever since his father laid his first hand on him , Derek became reckless . Doing everything that’s forbidden . Drugs , sex had become his job . He can be quite calm but when you step his tail , he won’t think twice on beating you to death . Or at least until he sees a little drop of blood . He does have rage problems . He doesn’t care about anyone but himself , spending his time using other people . The proper word to describe him would be jerk . But that shell will break someday . Because his bad boy behaviour is because of the past . 

Back Story:

 Derek had a normal life . He had a younger brother , two parents that would have given everything for their childs . Until one night when his father went out with the boys and came home drunk . He started yelling at Dereks mother and he had to close his brother in his room and turn on the music very loud so he could not hear all the things their father was telling . And Derek being brave as he was , he went to his father and asked him to stop . This one gave literally a shit about what Derek did and hit him pretty hard . From that moment , Derek changed . In bad , not in good . Drugs and sex had become his job , he even started selling drugs , making money on his own . He rarely spent nights at home . He would rather hang out with the gang in their little apartment then go home and see that man’s face again . He felt sorry about his mother and brother , not really knowing if the men continued or not with the drinking . After a month , a police raid showed up at the apartment Derek was staying and to his not so luck , he got shot but managed to crawl somewhere safe where he couldn’t be found by the police . That’s when a beautiful women showed up and fixed him , explaining what he became . Derek wasn’t really found of the fact that he had to be stuck in a old creepy castle which proved to be not that old and creepy , but it’s better than having to run away from the police and don’t have a place to stay . Because home he wasn’t going to go back . Derek just hopes to find someone like him , someone to be fun to stay around and break rules with him . He knows some of the soulless unbleeders , the evils ones , but he likes to keep a low profile being stuck at this place . 

Jennifer Higgins | 17 | Student | With a soul | {FC: Emily Browning} | OPEN


We all know the girls who are always kind and fun to be around. So is Jenny. She is always friendly and in a good mood though she sometimes tends to be shy. Also the fact that she’s very smart needs to be pointed out. Her style is more vintage and she dreams of the big love like Romeo and Juliet, just with a different end.

Back Story:

Jenny was born in Washington as the younger sister of Jackie Higgins and daughter of Daniel and Nicole Higgins. She was always a quiet personality. Never got into trouble, always nice and with a smile on her face. A wallflower. When she started high school she was the girl who walked down the corridors alone. In her sophomore year she finally made friends with a small group of girls and that’s how she got more social. She joined the drama club, made more friends and even met a boy who she liked more than the others. Everything seemed to be good for her. At least she never complained about anything. But the good days soon were over when the boy she liked started to date someone else. It was hard for Jenny to talk about it so she kept her feelings for herself and they slowly made her sad about everything. One day after school she was about to go home as she stopped at the sidewalk. She just stood there until the next school bus came by and then she took a step forward. That day jenny decided that she had enough with her life but she didn’t know that she wouldn’t die, no, she would turn to an unbleeder. With pleasure she packed her things and moved to Green Hill, Ireland to live with the other unbleeders. And she does so much better. It was easier for her to find friends and she being more social, though she’s very scared of being hurt by a boy again.

Kent Lewis | 18 | Student | Soulless | {FC: Aaron Johnson} | OPEN


Kent was always a nice kid. Smart, fun and had a lot of charm. She wasn’t a bully but headstrong. His personality slowly started to change though. He got colder, started not to care for his friends and more himself. He’s not what you would call mean but also not a sunshine. It’s hard to get the better side of him but once you do, you mean a lot to him. 

Back Story:

Kent was born in Virgina and grew up there with his parents and two brothers. He lived in a nice neighbourhood  in a nice house with a treehouse and had his best friends that he spend the whole days outside with. Just a happy kid. At high school he soon met a girl called Helena Abhrams who he then dated for 3 years. She was sweet, kind and bubbly but also smart. Everything he was looking for in a girl. In his senior year he took Helena out on a date and when he was walking her home back late at night they were attacked by a gang. They started to beat the hell out of Kent and one guy grabbed Helena by her hair and dragged her away. Kent tried to help his girlfriend but the other boys didn’t stop beating on him until he passed out. A while after that the boy woke up and started to search for the girl, only to find her naked and dead body lying behind a dumpster. All the pain he felt after Helena’s dead made him act numb, only one thing on his mind. Revenge. That was the time Kent started to change. He wasn’t the same anymore. 5 weeks after the attack he found the gang and started to attack them. He didn’t had a lot of chance though. He got stabbed. That was the day Kent died and turned into an unbleeder. He moved to Ireland and when he was given the choice to give up on his soul and slowly forget his past, he couldn’t refuse. All the pain was too much for the boy. He’s a good kid and already made a few friends at the Castle.

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