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Jennifer Higgins | 17 | Student | With a soul | {FC: Emily Browning} | OPEN


We all know the girls who are always kind and fun to be around. So is Jenny. She is always friendly and in a good mood though she sometimes tends to be shy. Also the fact that she’s very smart needs to be pointed out. Her style is more vintage and she dreams of the big love like Romeo and Juliet, just with a different end.

Back Story:

Jenny was born in Washington as the younger sister of Jackie Higgins and daughter of Daniel and Nicole Higgins. She was always a quiet personality. Never got into trouble, always nice and with a smile on her face. A wallflower. When she started high school she was the girl who walked down the corridors alone. In her sophomore year she finally made friends with a small group of girls and that’s how she got more social. She joined the drama club, made more friends and even met a boy who she liked more than the others. Everything seemed to be good for her. At least she never complained about anything. But the good days soon were over when the boy she liked started to date someone else. It was hard for Jenny to talk about it so she kept her feelings for herself and they slowly made her sad about everything. One day after school she was about to go home as she stopped at the sidewalk. She just stood there until the next school bus came by and then she took a step forward. That day jenny decided that she had enough with her life but she didn’t know that she wouldn’t die, no, she would turn to an unbleeder. With pleasure she packed her things and moved to Green Hill, Ireland to live with the other unbleeders. And she does so much better. It was easier for her to find friends and she being more social, though she’s very scared of being hurt by a boy again.

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